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Have you ever went to a bar or nightclub and been disappointed because you were expecting a different crowd? Web CamDo you call friends ahead of time to see what's going on before you head in a particular direction? How about the random nights that hipsters swarm your watering hole? If you've said yes, this post may still not be for you but someone else reading this may make your life easier while profiting themselves.

Camera feeds are common these days. Ski areas use them to show conditions and how many skiers are on the slopes. Many states have Department of Transportation traffic cameras open to the public to allow travelers the opportunity to avoid congested areas. There are even nature preserves using them to help visitors be able to head to where the wildlife is. So how about your favorite bar? Probably not...

The topic of conversation is a portal where bars and nightclubs can link a video feed or time lapse of their establishment for visitors to pick the crowd of their liking. When this idea was thought of years ago public cameras were not as common and there was not as much a precedent laid out to follow. The technology would have cost a significant more money and coding needed more time. I'm posting this idea because I no longer have the resources in time and connections into establishments to get it rolling and leaving the idea in my head won't help anyone. If you do decide to pick it up shoot me a tweet or message, I'd love to see it and have a lot of thinking time put into handling some of the items you'll run into.

There are some arguments to be made for this idea.

  • If a bar isn't a lively scene wouldn't this be bad for them?
    • No actually, many people enjoy going to someplace quiet and being able to have a conversation over some drinks. this could help them and even help promote the environment to others with the same taste in crowds while keeping the place from getting overwhelmed.
  • Will patrons show up knowing they can be seen on the web?
    • This is what you need to figure out, they should already know at least one photo of them will show up on Facebook somewhere. Plus there is great software to blur faces available.
  • Why don't bars do this already then?
    • Some probably do, but how do they let new patrons know about it and how many different bars can someone check out going between each places web page even if they all have them.
  • What if something bad happens that shouldn't be made public?
    • At minimum a time delay is critical and only wide open areas that truly show the atmosphere should be fed into the system.
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