MindMixer.com gives a voice to all but will they be heard?

I came across MindMixer.com today and immediately felt the need to write about the site. It's a concept I have been looking to get into for some time, the idea of giving all a voice, especially in making improvements in their own town. Personally I stayed away from building an online community for such a purpose due to the need to build traffic and get users to sign up for ANOTHER site. I was thinking of ways to build it off twitter for quick improvements and no idea on how to really get projects going with true collaboration. MindMixer.com went full force into creating an online community and seem to have the concept down. There are many ideas on the site and personally I'd love to see Worcester MA part of the site.

Here's the problem...

There are no projects or ideas close enough to me to make me be part of them and no way to "poke" local key players to creating an avenue for Worcester residents to utilize the site. Build a way to force the usage of the site by politicians and then I can give a full review on the actual effectiveness.

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