Disable MySite in Sharepoint

Developing a Sharepoint intranet that doesn't confuse users and give free reign to click happy staff can be a daunting task. One of the biggest issues I've come across in the deployment of SharePoint is the idea that yes it can do that but no we shouldn't use the feature. The My Site feature is a prime example of this since users are on their own to make profiles, bog the system down with extra material and want things fixed when the maze of linked items doesn't flow correctly. Here's step by step directions on disabling My Site in your Sharepoint installation.

  1. Log into the server hosting the Central Administration site for your MOSS 2007 instance
  2. Log into Central Administration
  3. Under Shared Services Administration in the Quick Launch bar on the left hand side of the control panel, select the Shared Services link that is set to run MySite. (If you are not sure you probably only have one, default is SharedServices1 I believe)
  4. In the "User Profiles and My Sites" click "Personalization services permissions" link
  5. For all users you want to remove My Site or remove the personalization functionality for, click the check box next to the names and then click Modify Permissions for selected users (The default enables both My Site and Personalization for all authenticated users)
  6. On the "Modify Permissions: Shared Service Rights" page uncheck "Create personal site" to prevent users from creating their own site (My Site) and/or uncheck "User personal features" to disallow any personal features such as a user creating links under My Links
  7. Click OK to save and you are complete. Changes may take a little while to take effect and I have seen recommendations to restart the SharePoint web app but this should not be needed.

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