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Web Design and Development is a great hobby and if done correctly a great career. It's not easy to keep up with trends, changing technology as well as making a customer happy by delivering a product that they want while still providing what they need. Finding that balance is the key to making a lucrative career in Web Design.

If you are not so lucky there are many other avenues to follow, such as being your own customer. I'm referring to developing Websites that interest you and build traffic from the inherit love and knowledge of a topic that is close to your heart. Google Adsense is one of the best tools you can use to profit from doing what you love.

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Navigation menu with Drupal Zen Sub-theme

How to create Try2Stop.us style navigation menu in Drupal using the Zen theming system and a custom sub-theme

These steps assume you have the following installed and configured already - Drupal CMS, Zen Theme, STARTERKIT subtheme configured to the name and settings you desire, you have a working knowledge of css.

1. Open pages.css file in the css folder subtheme directory

2. There are already styles for various regions and tags, we will need to add a few to target a specific area. The method I used for creating the menu was styling the list items, so...Read full article...

Theming Drupal Blocks in a Zen Sub-theme

Adding block styles to your sub-theme are important for several reasons. My original objective behind learning to style blocks was to eliminate large  titles and awkward spacing that was inherited from the parent style sheets, especially the H2 tag. Once I got a grasp on how easy it was to style individual blocks or groups of them I started to utilize this more. Blocks.css comes packaged in your sub-theme's CSS directory with many useful classes and ID's listed (commented with their purpose as well).

Taking a look at the page source you can see how styles are applied to blocks...Read full article...

Custom Regions using Drupal and Zen Subthemes

Having the ability to layout each page according to your own specifications is a must when designing a web site. In Drupal development, creating custom page regions gives control over content areas to achieve a personalized look. I'll walk you through creating two regions that split the content area in half.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of Drupal and how it works, a Drupal site that you have access to installing themes and a basic text editor.Read full article...

Taxonomy and Views in Drupal - Create tag block per section page

BlocksProviding a quick way for visitors to find additional information they are interested in has been a major focus while working on this project. Requirements were few but critical to meet. The solution: Taxonomy linked key phrases to posts while Views provided a method of displaying the terms.Read full article...

Theming Drupal - Side by side blocks in page region

You can go far with Drupal, a Zen Subtheme, and a little CSS intuition. Sometimes it's necessary to place blocks side by side in a page region, but adding page regions isn't possible or practical, you can use the block.css file in your Zen Subtheme's CSS directory to work some magic.Read full article...

Theming Drupal Views in a Zen Subtheme

Take complete control of design and flow of information using Drupal Views and Zen Subthemes. Changing the appearance is crucial when changing a background and body text colors of a site that conflict with the default views styling. CSS properties can be added to a high level tag that affects many areas as well as to very finite areas of just one View.

When the views module outputs a view it wraps it in a div tag with class information. Zen uses views-styles.css in the CSS directory of your subtheme to style views.

One key element in styling views is that when a view is created you must use on lowercase letters and underscores, however when creating the class tag in the CSS document you must use hyphens in place of underscores.Read full article...

Zen sub-theme CSS html-reset file

Use the style sheet html-reset.css in your Zen sub-theme for setting the default styling for your site, mainly text styling and backround colors. It has a confusing name that can make one worried about editing, but in reality it's a file that should be the first edited.

This file uses ems for most of it's styling, which is fantastic for fluid and dynamic sites that allow users to change font size, but not so wonderful for those who need to figure out how high to make a button for a line height of 1.2 ems.  Ems are calculated off of the standard of 16px text, so if your button is behind 1.2ems calculate 1.2 x 16px = 19.2px so you can go with a 21px or larger backround to encompass the line height properly.

Disable MySite in Sharepoint

Developing a Sharepoint intranet that doesn't confuse users and give free reign to click happy staff can be a daunting task. One of the biggest issues I've come across in the deployment of SharePoint is the idea that yes it can do that but no we shouldn't use the feature. The My Site feature is a prime example of this since users are on their own to make profiles, bog the system down with extra material and want things fixed when the maze of linked items doesn't flow correctly. Here's step by step directions on disabling My Site in your Sharepoint installation.Read full article...

Social Media Guideline Template

Below is a template used for Social Media Guidelines meant for staff and volunteers. It covers the basic technique for writing, important points to think about while participating in an online conversation, and guidance on what should or shouldn't be said. The last page consists of a Quick Review Sheet that can be torn off and utilized on a daily basis. The full word document is available for download as well.Read full article...

Web Development Idea - Bar Camera Feed Site

Have you ever went to a bar or nightclub and been disappointed because you were expecting a different crowd? Web CamDo you call friends ahead of time to see what's going on before you head in a particular direction? How about the random nights that hipsters swarm your watering hole? If you've said yes, this post may still not be for you but someone else reading this may make your life easier while profiting themselves.Read full article...

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