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Questions to answer before embarking into a Web Development Project

This is the topic that I normally start with "If I was taking on that project I would..." because it's so hard to explain the time, effort, and actual knowledge that goes into creating a sustainable web presence to someone with gold fever. The Web is an amazing place, flowing with money, people, knowledge, and so much more. Know what you're getting youself into and enjoy the ride or run in blind to feel the pain of hitting a wall.Read full article...

Theming Drupal - Side by side blocks in page region

You can go far with Drupal, a Zen Subtheme, and a little CSS intuition. Sometimes it's necessary to place blocks side by side in a page region, but adding page regions isn't possible or practical, you can use the block.css file in your Zen Subtheme's CSS directory to work some magic.Read full article...


Drupal - Needless to say... My CMS of choice since this site was developed on the Drupal Platform. Open Source, completely modular from design through the many add-on's including the database back-end. It takes minutes to install and setup. Learning is easy, mastering takes time with the limitless possibilities available. If you think you've hit the end of what Drupal can do then you haven't even scratched the surface.

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