Network File Share Request Form

Documenting and managing network file shares and mapped network drives can get out of hand. Without the proper request form and oversight your organization will end up swimming in old shares or a jumbled mess of permissions mixed with catch all shares destroying any sense of organization.

Attached is a word document template to build your network access request form on. Whether you are mapping network drives or using shares for application data you'll be able to use this document to save yourself some time.

Password Protect USB Drive or folders on drive

Security has had a huge hole opened up with large portable storage becoming so inexpensive. A user's entire work folder can be copied and taken with them on a drive costing less than their lunch. They don't always realize the actual cost of the storage is in the data and what can happen if it's lost or stolen. Passwords on storage help thwart malicious or accidental access to confidential access, though ease of access and usability are important to keep the users on the right path.Read full article...

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