Operator Errors

Failed fix it yourself project shows up at your door

Sometimes you never know where things went wrong for the mess to get that bad before a user decides to bring the computer to a trained professional. Innovative Solution to missing keysOpening the box that this computer shipped in was one of those times. After working my way through the many layers of shipping material, all of which was child themed such as a diaper box and gold fish printed sandwich bag, I found the handywork contained in the pics.Read full article...

Best of "Operator Errors" and Troubleshooting Disasters

Some days you just have to smile and laugh at what just unfolded because any other reaction would just snowball into ending up in the crazy house.  Today I had the inspiration to jot down a few of the problems that will forever live in my memory as classics. I'd like to hear yours in the comments, we can all use a good laugh at your expense, after you get one on mine of course.Read full article...

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