Troubleshooting DHCP on Windows Workstations: 169.x.x.x

Although DHCP is a highly automated process that requires little from the client side, you should still be familiar with a few techniques to diagnose and correct issues.

About DHCP

A DHCP server is responsible for leasing out IP addresses of a chosen pool to connected clients. This allows administrators to have numerous devices on a network without having to manually chose and set each clients address as well as keep track of each one assigned to avoid conflict. When a workstation reboots, or the lease time is over, a new lease is given sometimes with the same IP if available.Read full article...

Troubleshooting DNS on Windows Workstations

It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of DNS related issues and have the ability to correct any configuration problems quickly. "Server not found" errors are the most common client side DNS issues but it's important to know that even something like the speed web pages load is affected by DNS, not only when they won't load at all. Read full article...

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