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Advice for IT Support in working with End Users

I was lucky in having an amazing teacher when I was saved from the retail world of technology and brought into the real world. "The technology you know isn't as important as your ability to deal with people, anybody can be taught technology" was one of the first lessons I was taught and have kept it close. Between much talk on people's view of IT as a department and a new addition to my team I decided to document what I've been taught, learned over the years, or get bad results when I constantly ignore good advice.Read full article...

Effective Questioning Skills for IT Staff

It takes more than technical knowledge to be able to provide the best solution available for any given situation. Having a clear understanding of the requirements is crucial to meeting them and foreseeing future needs others may have overlooked. These requirements aren’t always clearly stated however. This is where effective questioning benefits Information Technology.

Simply put, you should be able to explain why this solution is the best avenue and what the benefit/cost is using the facts gained from your questions.Read full article...

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