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How to Provide Remote Support

The ability to connect to a users workstation from a distance and quickly solve the problem at hand has dramatically increased IT's coverage area. You no longer need a corporate IT budget and department behind you to offer remote assistance capabilities. Here's a few ways to get started...

Microsoft Remote Assistance (Free included with XP on)

MSRA offers a few options for offering or requesting help.Read full article...

Change Product Key to activate Windows 8 or Server 2012

Microsoft Activation has caused many to become perplexed on changing product keys for Server 2012 and Windows 8 operating systems. I ran into this issue while trying to upgrade my new Asus Taichi to Windows 8 Pro from the bundled home version with a MAK key. The following steps should be taken to change the product key in order to activate the upgrade.

To change the product key without first activating Windows, use one of the following methods:Read full article...

Add Users to local admin and remote desktop group using GPO

This tutorial will show you how to use the GPO Restricted Groups to add IT support technicians into the local administrator group of all PC's the policy is applied to. Using Group Policy to add users to the local admin group is a safer and better practice than providing domain admin privileges to technicians that do not have the need or experience to be working beyond the workstation level.

1.Define Security Group

First you need to define a security group in AD users and computers. In this example I am creating a security group called IT_TechRead full article...

Disable Internet Explorer Toolbars with GPO

Using GPO to disable Internet Explorer toolbars is an easy way to keep systems from running endless toolbars added usually without a user’s knowledge. The method below will not prevent them from installing but will prevent them from running. This saves system resources, network bandwidth, and certainly screen space if things got out of control.

Start Group Policy Management

in windows XP; Start > Programs > Adminstrative Tools > Group Policy Management.

in Windows 7; Start (jewel) > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management

Find and Edit

If your organization has multiple containers, find the pertinent container and right click on the GPO linked to it and select Edit.Read full article...

Deploy Network Printers using GPO

  1. Open Print Management Console in Adminitrative Tools (Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Print Management)
  2. On the left sidebar you will see Print Servers under Custom Filters, right click Print Servers -> add/remove servers then you can either manually enter your print server name or browse for it.
  3. Click Add to List to be able to manage this print server with the Print Management Console
Read full article...

Important Files and Folders when Migrating to a new Computer

Important files and folders to migrate when transfering a user to a new computer.Read full article...

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