Cloud Managed Network Appliances from Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki hit it out of the park with their new cloud managed networking products and they know it. They're so confident you'll love the products that they offer to send you one of their Meraki Access Points free for signing up and attending a webinar. One of my former collegues got in touch with me to let me know about the offer and told me he was sold on them, I was a little more skeptical. The situation reminded me of a few vacations as a kid where we'd travel to some timeshare and have to sit through a seminar but had a great free vacation, knowing all along we weren't going to be buying in. Well Meraki... I thought wrong!Read full article...

DaaS - Is Desktop as a Service going to be the next big thing?

All this talk about "The Cloud" being the future of both personal and professional computing makes the thought of Desktop as a Service business model very appealing to me. Rapid growth in remote desktop capabilities increases benefits along with the potential market DaaS would appeal to.

The idea of access from any computer in the world is not a new one, desktops can be accessed using software like TeamViewer or services such as and So what makes DaaS a radical improvement upon existing technologies?Read full article...

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