Working from home - The Yahoo debate

The web is buzzing with talk of Marissa Mayer and Yahoo's decision to stop the common practice of working from home. Those who are voicing their opinions on the topic are (for the most part) convinced that this decision will hinder productivity, kill employee moral, and alienate the potential future workforce. I think there are extremely important points that are not being addressed.

  1. Yahoo is in trouble, they need a concerted effort to do a total overhaul of their company. This is a "The shit hit the fan" scenario and in my world that always means all hands on deck. Ideas need to be bouncing around the room and filtered, tested, modified, and finalized faster than one can type.Read full article...

Putting Top Search Engines to the Test

A quick test was performed to compare Dogpile vs Google. This test is not the end all be all, it was only one query that was decided by me to sufficiently answer the question I was looking to answer, should I be using dogpile instead of google. Reading the results and running the test along with others should give a more informed decision on which search engine works best for you personally.Read full article...

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