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Host your own URL shortening service and QR codes to take control back

It's safe to assume that most people visiting my site like to take things into their own hands with technology. Recently I've been looking at URL shortening services with the feeling that I could do something other than relying on an outside service. After investigating the answer turned out to be a lot easier than thought.Read full article...

Failed fix it yourself project shows up at your door

Sometimes you never know where things went wrong for the mess to get that bad before a user decides to bring the computer to a trained professional. Innovative Solution to missing keysOpening the box that this computer shipped in was one of those times. After working my way through the many layers of shipping material, all of which was child themed such as a diaper box and gold fish printed sandwich bag, I found the handywork contained in the pics.Read full article...

Add Users to local admin and remote desktop group using GPO

This tutorial will show you how to use the GPO Restricted Groups to add IT support technicians into the local administrator group of all PC's the policy is applied to. Using Group Policy to add users to the local admin group is a safer and better practice than providing domain admin privileges to technicians that do not have the need or experience to be working beyond the workstation level.

1.Define Security Group

First you need to define a security group in AD users and computers. In this example I am creating a security group called IT_TechRead full article...

Disable Internet Explorer Toolbars with GPO

Using GPO to disable Internet Explorer toolbars is an easy way to keep systems from running endless toolbars added usually without a user’s knowledge. The method below will not prevent them from installing but will prevent them from running. This saves system resources, network bandwidth, and certainly screen space if things got out of control.

Start Group Policy Management

in windows XP; Start > Programs > Adminstrative Tools > Group Policy Management.

in Windows 7; Start (jewel) > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management

Find and Edit

If your organization has multiple containers, find the pertinent container and right click on the GPO linked to it and select Edit.Read full article...

Track projects with this OneNote Template

Project Management is a fundamental skill needed to excel your Information Technology career. Documentation and planning are key components that make a successful project.Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote provides a platform to keep on top of both high level and low level project data quickly and in a well organized layout. Attached is a OneNote Project Template with three page templates.Read full article...

Social Media Guideline Template

Below is a template used for Social Media Guidelines meant for staff and volunteers. It covers the basic technique for writing, important points to think about while participating in an online conversation, and guidance on what should or shouldn't be said. The last page consists of a Quick Review Sheet that can be torn off and utilized on a daily basis. The full word document is available for download as well.Read full article...

Working from home - The Yahoo debate

The web is buzzing with talk of Marissa Mayer and Yahoo's decision to stop the common practice of working from home. Those who are voicing their opinions on the topic are (for the most part) convinced that this decision will hinder productivity, kill employee moral, and alienate the potential future workforce. I think there are extremely important points that are not being addressed.

  1. Yahoo is in trouble, they need a concerted effort to do a total overhaul of their company. This is a "The shit hit the fan" scenario and in my world that always means all hands on deck. Ideas need to be bouncing around the room and filtered, tested, modified, and finalized faster than one can type.Read full article...

Mapped drives not accessible until user opens network share in explorer

At startup, mapped network drives would not auto reconnect. Some windows 7 users were having issues with opening recent files directly from the associated application or when storing their AutoArchive PST on a mapped network share. The system could not find the file. When opening up Windows Explorer the mapped network drives had a red X as if they weren't available, upon double clicking to open the X disapeared and the mapped drive works as intended. Recent files stored on the mapped drive would work normally as well.Read full article...

DaaS - Is Desktop as a Service going to be the next big thing?

All this talk about "The Cloud" being the future of both personal and professional computing makes the thought of Desktop as a Service business model very appealing to me. Rapid growth in remote desktop capabilities increases benefits along with the potential market DaaS would appeal to.

The idea of access from any computer in the world is not a new one, desktops can be accessed using software like TeamViewer or services such as and So what makes DaaS a radical improvement upon existing technologies?Read full article...

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