Word Templates for Documentation of Server Downtime Impact

Server Documentation plays a critical role in both change management and business continuity by ensuring all involved are fully informed. The purpose of Impact Statements is to have critical information available without the need for time consuming research when a system has unexpectedly gone down or during planning of system downtime. These statements play a critical role in maximizing system availability and safeguarding against accidental outages because of uninformed personnel.

Statements Cover...

  • Applications residing on server, customers affected, application owner
  • Impact of downtime based on service or application
  • Impact of momentary downtime (Important due to many services that have limited to no impact when unavailable during short downtime and others that have large impacts)
  • Actions that need to be taken before planned downtime
  • Important information needed by personnel planning on downtime or working on recovery efforts. (I included special recovery steps, it is important to adapt this area during any 'post mortem' meetings

Impact Statement Image

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