Track projects with this OneNote Template

Project Management is a fundamental skill needed to excel your Information Technology career. Documentation and planning are key components that make a successful project.Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote provides a platform to keep on top of both high level and low level project data quickly and in a well organized layout. Attached is a OneNote Project Template with three page templates.

  • Project Template for OneNote (Section)

    • Project Overview (Page)
      • Contains: Project Overview, Project Goals, Description, Competetive Analysis, Technology, Team/Resources, Procedures, Schedule, Current Status, Related Documents
    • Project Hour List (Page)
      • Contains: Client Name; Project Name; Table with Date, Description, Hours
    • Project Status Meeting (Page)
      • Contains: Project Name, Status Summary, Progress, Attention Areas, Schedule, Deliveries, Costs, Technology, Resources, Goals for Next Review
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