Spiceworks is a complete IT management system that’s not only free but easy to install and use

Spiceworks LogoI previously wrote about using Drupal to develop an IT helpdesk. I still support the usefulness of Drupal for a user portal and helpdesk combination, but must admit I’m not using my own creation. The portal side was slow to develop with content that would warrant users switching their home page leaving the purpose of Drupal to a helpdesk ticketing system. I like to keep things simple so the ticketing system worked great but with staff turnover and a need to have a more in depth solution we turned to Spicework’s on the suggestion of the new system admin. This was quite some time back and we’re still rolling smooth with using a good amount of the features.

Helpdesk and Ticketing System

  • Users can create tickets multiple ways including email and web portal.
  • You can customize responses and ticket templates for different request types are easy to setup.
  • Rules can be created to assign tickets based on many factors among other rule options.

Manage your network

  • Keep track of devices with network scanning and now remote agents that gather date from a mobile workforce.
  • Know when unwanted software is installed on workstations.
  • Get reports of new devices on your network, antivirus status, disk usage

Manage your department

  • Track purchases from request through received that can linked to users, devices, and/or tickets
  • Create reports based on many aspects such as time spent on tickets, money, number of tickets per person/department/devices.
    • The options are almost limitless if you take the time to create them in SQL or use the community to utilize shared ones.
    • Built in reporting is simple to use but limited if not written in SQL because you can’t take fields from different data sets. If this was actually a problem for you though, you should put the work in to learn SQL.

The great thing about Spicework’s is the price and the quick easy configuration. The worst thing I have seen so far many would consider a positive, there is too many “extras” that one can stuff the system with. Customization is great but for the average user of the system I could imagine the system starting to look like your mothers browser window full of toolbars. Just because it can do it doesn't’t mean it should!

More to come on Spicework’s, for now I’ll show my support and give the recommendation and as always I’ll dive deeper into all I have learned how to customize and make it work for your scenario.

I can be reached for comments, questions or ideas on twitter @Try2StopUs

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