How To Access Another Users Mailbox in Outlook

It's often required to give a user rights to an email mailbox other than their own, and without disclosing the password. This is done in Exchange & Outlook with the following steps...


  1. Open Exchange Management Console -> expand Recipient Configuration -> Highlight Mailbox under Recipient Configuration
  2. Browse the users/mailboxes on the right for the Mailbox that will be shared to another user ->right click mailbox -> manage full access permissions
  3. Add User that will have rights to send/receive emails under this account
  4. To add the mailbox in Outlook click account settings (Tools -> account settings - Office 2007, File account settings - Office 2010)
  5. Highlight the users current Email account -> click change
  6. Dialog box will open - press "more settings" button
  7. Under Advanced tab you will see Open these additional mailboxes ->click add button to the right, type name of mailbox to add, click OK
  8. Click OK on More settings Window, then Next & Finish on Change Account window
  9. User will now have access to the mailbox in Outlook

Common Uses

  • A catch all or group mailbox monitored by several individuals where forwards would cause duplicates and confusion
  • Often an Assistant will be managing correspondance but should not have passwords due to security implications

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