Failed fix it yourself project shows up at your door

Sometimes you never know where things went wrong for the mess to get that bad before a user decides to bring the computer to a trained professional. Innovative Solution to missing keysOpening the box that this computer shipped in was one of those times. After working my way through the many layers of shipping material, all of which was child themed such as a diaper box and gold fish printed sandwich bag, I found the handywork contained in the pics.

In case you were wondering... this was a work device issued and paid for by a full time in house IT department that is always available. Wouldn't be surprised if I saw this on someone's notebook they gave their kid after getting a new one.

Short version...

Kid rips keys off keyboard, Parent decides to fix it himself, labels chosen as best method, IT department finds out after additional issue with computer arises.

Failed Do it Yourself Fix

Missing Keys

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