Disable Internet Explorer Toolbars with GPO

Using GPO to disable Internet Explorer toolbars is an easy way to keep systems from running endless toolbars added usually without a user’s knowledge. The method below will not prevent them from installing but will prevent them from running. This saves system resources, network bandwidth, and certainly screen space if things got out of control.

Start Group Policy Management

in windows XP; Start > Programs > Adminstrative Tools > Group Policy Management.

in Windows 7; Start (jewel) > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management

Find and Edit

If your organization has multiple containers, find the pertinent container and right click on the GPO linked to it and select Edit.

Drill down into the GPO

the feature we want is hidden deep down in the recesses of GPO... Drill down through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Advanced features.

Edit the setting

once you have drilled down into the Advanced Page, double click on Allow third-party browser extensions and simply select Disabled, and hit OK.

If you are using the Windows 7/2008 version RSAT it will give you a space to make comments that is not in windowsXP/2003 with GPMC.

close the Group Policy editor.


on one of your users that has toolbars installed, go to start > run > cmd [enter] and type gpudate /force. you may need to wait for the GPO to propagate, but you only have one DC then things should be fine. you may also need to log out and back in. once you restart internet explorer you should now not see any toolbars.

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