Deploy Network Printers using GPO

  1. Open Print Management Console in Adminitrative Tools (Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Print Management)
  2. On the left sidebar you will see Print Servers under Custom Filters, right click Print Servers -> add/remove servers then you can either manually enter your print server name or browse for it.
  3. Click Add to List to be able to manage this print server with the Print Management Console
  4. Clicking on a desired print server on the left sidebar will expand the list items below it as well as open up Drivers, Forms, Ports, Printers in the main content area
  5. Open Printers by double clicking the icon in the main content area, right click on the printer you would like to deploy via GPO and click Deploy with GPO
  6. Either add it to an existing GPO or create a new one in any OU that you'd like to deploy the printer to.

 You will be asked "Deploy this printer connection to the following:" with options of per user or per machine. If you have desktops it's probably best to deploy by machine because neither is very mobile. In cases such as schools that you would want to restrict some users from color printers you could deploy color printers based on a Teacher OU.

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