Date format issues in MS Office Excel

Issue with Excel Date format: experiencing issues in Excel such as trying to use the MM/dd/yyyy format and run into an issue of the cell reverting back to a 1 digit month, even after using custom formating and copying/pasting to a new worksheet the date reverts back to the unwanted format.

After searching for a fix and seeing all the crazy workarounds I found a small comment that got little attention but was the only practical cause and solution.

Here is the probable culprit and solution:

  • The issue is most likely caused by the computers date formatting instead of Excel or the worksheet
  • To find out and change the computers date format follow the steps below
    • Open "Control Panel"
    • Open "Date and Time" from the classic view of Control Panel
    • Click "Change Date and Time..." button
    • Click "Change calendar settings" link
    • On the "Date" tab select the short and long date formats you utilize
    • If you didn't close Excel and other office programs before making the change it's a good idea to restart them all now.
    • Test to see if solution solves issue

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