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ComputerWith a little know how and some practice, anyone can utilize the resources IT professionals put into practice daily. The Internet is full of answers that are available for the taking if you look in the right places. For those who are starting out in the field; going to college for CS, CIS, CE; or just dream of working with technology for a living my biggest recommendation is to build yourself a "sandbox",  a laboratory of computer equipment that you can experiment with then rebuild when the configuration get's unruly.

Information Technology is a broad field with many specializations and touches almost every aspect of home and work life. We've become dependent on IT for communication, organization, and safety.

The best and worst part about IT is certainly the constant change. Moore's Law is a perfect example of how this change can be measured and planned for.

Popular IT Articles

Using OneNote for Documentation of IT Projects and Tasks

OneNote IconKeeping track of IT using OneNote can simplify the documentation of Information Technology information. The enigma in many organizations is that the people responsible for Computer Information Systems very often don't effectively use information that will boost efficiency and sanity. A quick setup will provide a solid foundation to build on.Read full article...

Mapped drives not accessible until user opens network share in explorer

At startup, mapped network drives would not auto reconnect. Some windows 7 users were having issues with opening recent files directly from the associated application or when storing their AutoArchive PST on a mapped network share. The system could not find the file. When opening up Windows Explorer the mapped network drives had a red X as if they weren't available, upon double clicking to open the X disapeared and the mapped drive works as intended. Recent files stored on the mapped drive would work normally as well.Read full article...

Using Sysinternals Disk Usage to create CSV file of Folder Sizes

Windows Sysinternals Suite has a bunch of really useful tools to make any system admin's life easier. One of those tools is Disk Usage, DU.exe. One can utilize DU to get a breakdown of folders and sizes. Anyone who was trying to find out what's utilizing all their storage knows how important this utility can be. Below is how to utilize DU as well as print the findings to a CSV file.

These are the standard instructions...

Using Disk Usage (DU)

Usage: du [-c[t]] [-l <levels> | -n | -v] [-u] [-q] <directory>Read full article...

Using Drupal for an IT Support Ticketing System

Ticket DispenserIssue tracking has the potential to make or break an IT team regardless of how well they perform.  A ticketing solution must display information in such a manor to enable a user to obtain a solid grasp of the overall situation at a glance, and user/task specific details just a click away. The adaptability of Drupal makes it a stable platform to build on.Read full article...

Add Users to local admin and remote desktop group using GPO

This tutorial will show you how to use the GPO Restricted Groups to add IT support technicians into the local administrator group of all PC's the policy is applied to. Using Group Policy to add users to the local admin group is a safer and better practice than providing domain admin privileges to technicians that do not have the need or experience to be working beyond the workstation level.

1.Define Security Group

First you need to define a security group in AD users and computers. In this example I am creating a security group called IT_TechRead full article...

Word Templates for Documentation of Server Downtime Impact

Server Documentation plays a critical role in both change management and business continuity by ensuring all involved are fully informed. The purpose of Impact Statements is to have critical information available without the need for time consuming research when a system has unexpectedly gone down or during planning of system downtime. These statements play a critical role in maximizing system availability and safeguarding against accidental outages because of uninformed personnel.Read full article...

Disable Internet Explorer Toolbars with GPO

Using GPO to disable Internet Explorer toolbars is an easy way to keep systems from running endless toolbars added usually without a user’s knowledge. The method below will not prevent them from installing but will prevent them from running. This saves system resources, network bandwidth, and certainly screen space if things got out of control.

Start Group Policy Management

in windows XP; Start > Programs > Adminstrative Tools > Group Policy Management.

in Windows 7; Start (jewel) > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management

Find and Edit

If your organization has multiple containers, find the pertinent container and right click on the GPO linked to it and select Edit.Read full article...

Troubleshooting DHCP on Windows Workstations: 169.x.x.x

Although DHCP is a highly automated process that requires little from the client side, you should still be familiar with a few techniques to diagnose and correct issues.

About DHCP

A DHCP server is responsible for leasing out IP addresses of a chosen pool to connected clients. This allows administrators to have numerous devices on a network without having to manually chose and set each clients address as well as keep track of each one assigned to avoid conflict. When a workstation reboots, or the lease time is over, a new lease is given sometimes with the same IP if available.Read full article...

Putting Top Search Engines to the Test

A quick test was performed to compare Dogpile vs Google. This test is not the end all be all, it was only one query that was decided by me to sufficiently answer the question I was looking to answer, should I be using dogpile instead of google. Reading the results and running the test along with others should give a more informed decision on which search engine works best for you personally.Read full article...

How To Access Another Users Mailbox in Outlook

It's often required to give a user rights to an email mailbox other than their own, and without disclosing the password. This is done in Exchange & Outlook with the following steps...Read full article...

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