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Track projects with this OneNote Template

Project Management is a fundamental skill needed to excel your Information Technology career. Documentation and planning are key components that make a successful project.Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote provides a platform to keep on top of both high level and low level project data quickly and in a well organized layout. Attached is a OneNote Project Template with three page templates.Read full article...

Using OneNote for Documentation of IT Projects and Tasks

OneNote IconKeeping track of IT using OneNote can simplify the documentation of Information Technology information. The enigma in many organizations is that the people responsible for Computer Information Systems very often don't effectively use information that will boost efficiency and sanity. A quick setup will provide a solid foundation to build on.Read full article...

Word Templates for Documentation of Server Downtime Impact

Server Documentation plays a critical role in both change management and business continuity by ensuring all involved are fully informed. The purpose of Impact Statements is to have critical information available without the need for time consuming research when a system has unexpectedly gone down or during planning of system downtime. These statements play a critical role in maximizing system availability and safeguarding against accidental outages because of uninformed personnel.Read full article...

Word Template for Rating Attributes

A simple Word Document for rating items/attributes on a scale of 1-5.

I used this document to get accurate feedback regarding mobile devices in the field after the feedback focused on an aspect that was independent of the information needed. Basically following how sports players are ranked in any organized league this should be the way to get a better idea on what's currently working and what could use some improvement.

Read full article...

Network File Share Request Form

Documenting and managing network file shares and mapped network drives can get out of hand. Without the proper request form and oversight your organization will end up swimming in old shares or a jumbled mess of permissions mixed with catch all shares destroying any sense of organization.

Attached is a word document template to build your network access request form on. Whether you are mapping network drives or using shares for application data you'll be able to use this document to save yourself some time.

Social Media Guideline Template

Below is a template used for Social Media Guidelines meant for staff and volunteers. It covers the basic technique for writing, important points to think about while participating in an online conversation, and guidance on what should or shouldn't be said. The last page consists of a Quick Review Sheet that can be torn off and utilized on a daily basis. The full word document is available for download as well.Read full article...

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