Putting Top Search Engines to the Test

A quick test was performed to compare Dogpile vs Google. This test is not the end all be all, it was only one query that was decided by me to sufficiently answer the question I was looking to answer, should I be using dogpile instead of google. Reading the results and running the test along with others should give a more informed decision on which search engine works best for you personally.

I decided to run the test based on the strong opinion of a reader who replied to Stephen Chapmans article on How Google Works, which by the way is informative, as well as his other work I have read. Stephen Chapman writes for ZDNet.

I'm always looking for faster results so between it being such a long time since I have used dogpile.com and your great review I put it to the test against google to see how it stood up specifically for delivering the information I was searching for being the most important, other relevant pages because another user may use the same key words in hopes of finding something different, and whether the ads in google were actually relevant and/or hindered my search process since this was commented on as an issue with google that dogpile doesn't have.
Chapman what happens when you search google
The phrase above in between (and not including) the horizontal lines was entered into both engines and the results simple.  Google provided a link to this page first then Steven Chapman's "Watch this documentary" article which is coincidentally also in the "people who read this article" section of this page which supports the relevancy of it, then pages from other sites explaining the process of how Google works mixed with a single site referencing Chuck Norris. Google did not return a single ad in the search.

Dogpile however delivered the content I was looking for (this page) what I thought was 4th behind Google Tags, SocialProfile for finding people who are trying to find you, and "Locate a Chapman" Public records site all garbage links. Actually looking into those garbage links shows "Sponsored: Ads by Google", "Sponsored: Ads by Google", "Sponsored: Ads by Yahoo" then after the result I was looking for there was another ad, then a link to this article again, and every other result was an ad.

I gave dogpile the benefit of the doubt, and went to bing, ask and yahoo to compare across the board. Every other search engine had the link to this article first, Yahoo had 1 ad that was for yahoo.com, clearly marked as an ad, bing displayed no ads, and ask displayed a block of 3 that were marked, just not clearly, in the middle of the search results.

Just to put out the fires I'm expecting, yes the ads on dogpile are ads from the google and yahoo network. These ads are placed there by dogpile though, and is not in any way the actions of either google or yahoo and is done by countless web developers as a means to earn income from their site including myself http://www.Try2Stop.Us and http://ZDnet.com. The difference being that advertisements located with searches are clearly labeled and separated from search results letting the reader know they are paid links which in turn reduces profit but strengthens trust.

I understand where the idea of ads in search results may seem almost like cheating by paying for results, but the easiest way to look at it is answering these two questions, 1. Have you or anyone reading this post ever accidently clicked on an add from a Google Search Page thinking it was part of the search result which also shows that it was most likely relevant if you did, and 2.Of the people reading this that are Webmasters, do you advertise on your site?

Google owns their site, they own the name, they own the hardware it runs on, and they own and built the amazing system that is google without any idea how to pay for that venture because it was needed, really really needed if you can remember the good old days when searches took minutes to hours with almost no results let along one that you wanted to see. There is certainly the possibility of them being an evil empire in disguise luring us in with free products and services, but they have the right to use their web space the way they feel fit and the day that you get your wish for ads to be banned from search engines is the day the government decides search engines should be considered a government run service or utility and then it'll work like the post office and DMV, but ad free.

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