Bridging physical world with the virtual realm, what TheChive and Hillary Clinton have in common

To be honest, I've always wanted to build a large online community that I can feel good about. More honesty comes from saying it hasn't happened and probably won't now that my work has gone another direction. I'd like to highlight some of the great examples I've come across that are more than a virtual community and praise them for the good they do. turns virtual community into physical following should be a case study on mixing virtual with physical while not playing by the rules at all. The rules state that you need to pick a purpose and stick to that, once you steer away from your purpose readers get lost in what they're there for. That purpose should be clearly defined and fit in a nice box. Talk to 100 Chivers and you'll probably get 50 different answers on why they feel so strong about KCCO'ing. I personally think anyone promoting "pay it forward" is a person I want to associate with, I know of others that think they find the best looking girls the internet can produce, and even more that need to clear their brain during lunch looking at images of crazy and random photos. They have a niche of photo gallery style posts updated regularly and with good content, but how do they translate that into the following that is, in my opinion, going to be at the forefront of what our generation is defined as. (Not playing by the rules, misfits that do amazing things both small and large, care more than we show while not looking for credit on the good we do)

So how do they do it? My guess is by being themselves... I'm going to have to write to them to find out more when I have my questions figured out. In the meantime KCCO and pay it forward even if you never received a chiver RAK. Someone has helped you out in the past.

One tweet brings hundreds of thousands of followers fast – @HillaryClinton

Hillary Clinton is not a topic I would normally discuss on a tech and web development site but recent events make her an important topic. The former First Lady turned Secretary of State joined twitter with the last few days and has 439,798 followers are the time of this post. All those followers came with only 1 tweet offered. This is a true example of the physical world translating smoothly into the virtual realm. Due to her reputation and record of achievement she became instantly accepted as having something meaningful to add to ones feed without any substantiating material already posted. It doesn’t hurt that she was announced by some of the most powerful people of the world but at the same time she can proudly stand by the fact that followers believe it’s worth it to do so.

What’s my point?

There needs to be a shift from developing online communities strictly built for the virtual world to one that blends the two in a way to complement each other. This is the end result many developers already strive to achieve, even Facebook started in this fashion. You met people in real life then used Facebook’s friending features as an extra level of communication. Users turned it into something else entirely but without that concept from the beginning the unbelievable growth would have been stalled due to the limits that come with the lack of social connections one can have in a purely virtual world.

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