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Originally created to be an example of techniques and ideas behind using Drupal Content Management system, Try2Stop.Us has grown into a collection of knowledge developed in the field.  The decision to go beyond showing what can be done and start teaching how to accomplish the task has made a huge difference in expanding the knowledge available to offer.

Learn by Teaching

It's a simple concept that goes very far. Teaching requires all the kinks to be worked out, the ability to answer questions you may not expect or have ever worried about, and training material ready before the lesson can be delivered.

When applying what you know into a lesson you start gathering the building blocks, which exposes any holes that may exist. Normally one can overlook these gaps based on a lack of need of information or the ability to work through it on the fly, two luxuries not available when class is in session.

Brain Teaser Answer

It is easy to eliminate possibilities. For example, it has to be an even number; none of the digits can be zero (or else the product would be zero); and the product of the digits must be less than 48 (otherwise two times the product would be three digits). If you think of the remaining possibilities, you will find the answer...

 36=2 x (3 x 6)

In case you missed the question, it's on our home page.


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